Big Rivers Chapter Chairmen’s Update – Fall 2017
Posted on October 5, 2017 by admin

Hunting and testing season seasons are on us right now. We are so busy across the chapter as we are also jointly hosting the 2017 Armbruster with SEHC. This effort has been a joy and we are very thankful for our partnership with SEHC in this largest Armbruster ever.

I want to thank Joseph Day for his leadership in getting the prize table pulled together for the Armbruster. This is a big task. I’d also like to thank our great members who love to donate to BRC and GNA. Please keep up the good work. Bethany King also has had a significant role as the Program coordinator. This also is a huge task to collect the ads and articles. Pam Stanfield had been Bethany’s SEHC counterpart and will do the layout. Please give these volunteers a big pat on the back for everything they have done.

Looking forward, we are considering another Breeders Seminar weekend in February 2018. The date or location is not pinned down yet but please be on the lookout for updates and an email blast. Please send me ideas for a location if you wish to host this along with topics or questions you might want to explore in order to improve our breeding practices in BRC.

December 1 is our deadline for getting our spring tests posted. I believe our VJP slots will be in high demand in light of our increased number of litters. Please keep an eye out and sign up early.

I would like to acknowledge the overwhelming concern for our BRC members affected by Harvey. I had so many calls and emails from our chapter members as well as GNA members afar. All are ok. Many had close calls…too close. The offers of help and support are a reflection, to me, that we are in fact a family. To all THANKS!

I’m keeping this short since I have some Armbruster stuff to get done before I start my work day.

One last thought:





I guess that’s clear enough.

This is the best way to develop and evaluate what we are producing.

Hunt your Deutsch-Drahthaar on wild game. Your dog will love you more for it.




Brandt Hardy

VDD-GNA Big Rivers Chairman

Baton Rouge, LA